The company of of ghosts by Berlie Doherty

13 Jan

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The flask by Nicky Singer

13 May

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The Flask is a really engaging, magical book about a girl called Jess and her amazing magic flask. Jess finds the flask in the aunts old desk, and, when her mum gave birth to two conjoined twins whose lives are at risk, the flask sends warning signs to her. Jess believes the flask could help save their lives. Read the book to find out if the twins survive or not.
I would give this book a 5 star rating, it is that good!

L.J., Year 7 (2015)
Sir Jonathan North Community College, Leicester, U.K.

Malala: the girl who stood up for education and changed the world by Malala Yousafzai

12 May

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A 15 year old Pashtun teen, witnesses and fights for education because of Taliban, an extreme Islamic politcal group who think education is not importnat. Talibans make the Swat Valley in Pakistan nearly a hell to live in. Becuase of her bravery, Malala gets shot on the side of her head whilst travelling back home with friends on a bus. While fighting for her life in the hospital, the doctors said ‘It is critical’. Will she survive or die? How will she survive? How will she live her life, if she survives?

S.S., Year 7.6 (2015)
Sir Jonathan North Community College, Leicester, U.K.

The moment collector by Jodi Lynn Anderson

11 Mar

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This Spring term, for Book Doctors I read The Moment Collector by Jodi Lynn Anderson.
The Moment Collector follows the story of rational Maggie, who leaves behind a busy Chicago lifestyle, and settles into the isolated Water Street of Down County. There, she meets and befriends her two only neighbours: the perfect Pauline and the timid Liam, whilst she is watched over by the lost, unknown soul of Water Street. But trouble soon stirs when the dead bodies of young girls begin to surface Gill Creek Lake…
With ease, I found my self falling in love with the characters of The Moment Collector and sunken into full depth of all parts of this beautiful story: the murder cases, the friendships, the relationships and the past of Gill Creek. The Moment Collector is a book for those who look to relate to the characters of the stories that they read, and those who love a mystery, as the cause of the dead girls is but only one of the questions that you’ll crave an answer for.

E.B., 9.7 (2015)
Sir Jonathan North Community College, Leicester, LE2 6FU, U.K.

The passenger by Dan Tunstall

2 Mar

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What is it about? The Passenger’s central character is 14-year-old Matt. He’s on his way home from a Saturday afternoon shopping in Renton, when he gets a text from his mum, checking that he’s okay. There’s been a fatal stabbing in the town. When a strange lad takes the seat next to him on the bus, Matt finds himself wondering if he might have something to do with it. The two boys talk for a while, and Matt begins to relax. The kid is called Mikey and he seems alright. But then Matt sees a spot of fresh, bright red blood on one of Mikey’s clean white trainers? Can he find out what it is?
An extract from the book (page 21) -“For some reason, I look down too. Mikey’s trainers are box fresh Nikes. They’re as white as new snow. White leather, white laces, white soles. But something on the right shoe catchers my eye. It’s a tiny circle. The size of a five-pence piece. Its bright, bright red.Blood

Should you read it? – It is a excellent book to read. Not only does it explore the big mistakes little gangs make but it also explains it from a teenager’s point of view.

Sir Jonathan North Community College, Leicester, U.K.

Into That Forest by Louis Nowra

15 Jan

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Book review

For the Book Doctors, the monthly book club that is held at our school library, I read the book ‘Into That Forest’ by Louis Nowra.

Into that forest is the vivid story of two girls, Rebecca and Hannah, who live wild along side two Tasmanian tigers, after a storm left them alone in the Australian outback.

I found reading ‘Into That Forest’ to be very exciting as the book was dusted with unexpected and thrilling scenes, especially the scenes that occurred at the start of the girls’ adaptation by the tigers, and, the extent that Hannah and Rebecca feel at home with the tigers was shocking, which makes you pause to embrace what just happened. However, it also gives us a true insight on what you possibly would have to do if you were in the same situation. It challenges your opinions on what is natural and right.

As well as thrills, ‘Into That Forest’ also included moral themes. I feel that the relationships that Hannah and Rebecca lose, create and rebuild in the story really explores the ideas of family and who we count as family, what we do for family and what we do when we feel betrayed by our family.

Till the end I was eager to discover the fate of the two girls. Overall, ‘Into That Forest’ is a book I would recommend to anyone who is interested in young adult adventure, horror or any genre to tell the truth, it is a book that you have to read.

E.B., 9.7 [2015]

Sir Jonathan North Community College, Leicester, U.K.

Ties that bind, ties that break by Lensey Namioka

10 Jun

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